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Tribute To The Troops® began in Minnesota in 2004, inspired by a video featuring the song "Home" by country singer Rockie Lynne. The video features pictures of our fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms early on in the War on Terror. With inspiration from the video, a small group of patriotic Minnesotans joined together to visit three families in the Twin Cities area who had lost a loved one during the War On Terror. With the prior permission of each family, over 60 people on 45 motorcycles paraded to each family home to conveying their thanks to family members and to let them know that their loss, and the sacrifice made by their loved one, will never be forgotten. The day was filled with hugs, tears, and warm smiles as each person attending was able to personally acknowledge each family's loss. That fall day in 2004 marked the beginning of Tribute To The Troops®. The dedication and support of many volunteers and participants over the years has enabled this organization to grow and to continue its important Mission.

In 2010, Tribute To The Troops® extended beyond Minnesota into Oregon and Illinois, helping groups in those states conduct a similar rides to honor our fallen heroes and their families. Both inaugural rides were a tremendous success and managed to generate greater awareness for the sacrifices made by these heroes and their families, and to cultivate enthusiasm among participants to continue with the very important Mission of this organization.

We invite you to join us in Florida, North, Central, East Coast or West Regions. If you are interested in learning more, please Contact Us.